Sabine Schilcher-Asen


...takes her viewers on a journey to an expressive world of sensing, a world of emotional intimacy and infinite fantasy.
Challenge in its most beautiful and life-desiring form.
It’s the true search for the meaning of life.

With the claim of touching people at heart with flaming harmony and musical aesthetics, to inspire and strengthen them, Sabine Schilcher-Asen´s work takes a creative approach to connect our heart and our senses. It´s a warming rendezvous with your soul. It´s a journey into the surprisingly inspiring realm of our desires. And lastly it´s a letting-go into our more and more familiar us.

LIVE YOUR SENSES - SENSE THE MEANING OF LIFE stands for your own point of view, optimism, intense feelings and encourages the lust for life, far away from time, space and material parameters by using strong symbolism. It stands for an investment in the development of individual life plans as a controversy to crisis, no matter which one you are ever being confronted.

LIVE YOUR SENSES - SENSE THE MEANING OF LIFE is strongly characterized by music.
"I´m drawing musical stories", Sabine Schilcher-Asen claims.
"My works are illustrated tones and worlds of sound."
Every picture confronts another tonal masterpiece of varying genres intensely.
Those mental, physical and especially emotional reception and interpretation are the key elements to feed, energize and inspire the world of senses of the artist. Also, Sabine Schilcher-Asen is famous for her sculptures and relief-like carved landscape pictures, as well as her ceiling paintings, which bring effect to every room from above.

Sabine Schilcher-Asen, born in 1966, is a self-employed artist and lives in Graz. Inspired by the world of creativity from child-age on, she intensified her relation to arts with a multifaceted musical education in her youths. In early adulthood she broke with arts and chose a bread-and-butter job in the economic sector. Now, 15 years later she reached her personal zenith by returning to the form of expression through visual arts. Initially in 2003, where Graz has been declared Europe´s cultural capital, her works have been presented to a broad public.

Since then she attended various exhibitions and events in Austria and abroad.
However the artist sets priorities more on an individual than on a descriptive controversy with her works and the personality behind them. As a result everyone is invited to a personal guidance and journey through her gallery and world. To fix an appointment with Sabine Schilcher-Asen, please call +43 (0) 699 180 150 70

Every picture has a special meaning to the artist. It involves being a "drawn work of soul", that must be allowed to unfold its positive impact.